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An idol of Pravi.

Ys-Pravi, also known as the Great Lady of Pleasure and Enjoyment[1], and The Cleft YS[2], is a goddess of the Multiplicity. She rules romantic and sexual love. She is depicted as a bald woman whose body is cleft from the top of her head down to the pelvis, torn in two by her lovers.[2]


Pravi was born of YIS and UN with the rest of the Multiplicity.[3]

She plays a prominent role in Prim Leaves Her Father's House, when Prim comes upon her court to ask her for advice on where to bury Hansa. While initially acting hostile to Prim for her filthy and haggard appearance, Pravi has her retainers care for her when she recognizes her, and commands her to "bury [Hansa] in a beautiful field, so he may repose in light and silence and warmth and rest in beauty and peace, for in all things these are good qualities".[1]

 Later years[]

When the Wheel was forged and the four orders of inheritors established, all the gods, including Pravi, were self-annihilated and removed from the current plane of existence.[4]


Pravi is vain and self-indulgent, yet compassionate. She is shown to be empathetic of Prim's plight, as she is a poor and abused soul herself.[1] Her two halves have slightly different personalities, with the right half appearing somewhat more aggressive and the left half more gentle.[1] It's possible that one half represents romantic love and the other sexual love.

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