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Princess Mamoru Moonshine Jagermeister Jack Jack Daniels Timothy Tim Bill Freddy Mercury Blueberry Luna, Esquire[1] was an ebon-turned-blue devil that was formerly named Vladok.[2] In his introduction, he was noted as the grandfather of Dhuutholmel[2] (in a spiritual sense).[3]

As Vladok, he accepted Allison's request to "take [her] to the magical floating castle"[4] belonging to Mottom if she would wager her Key of Kings in a drinking contest.[5] After losing the drinking contest, he broke his contract and became an unbound devil[6] until she was re-masked and bound with several names into a much weaker blue form.[7] As Princess etc., she is now among Alison's companions and defenders.[8]

More recently,[9] this devil shed many of its names to become the red devil "Princess Jack Moonshine".

Transforming into Red devil.

As a re-named Blue devil.

Vladok in Unbound state.

Vladok, Ebon devil.