Ryo ten Ryam was a great swordsman, lord and general of the Middle Army in the service of the King of Vesh, Au Vam.

At some point in his command, Ryo ten Ryam was informed of a formidable fighter, a swordsman of great power who'd enlisted in the Middle Army's Elite Third Legion. This fighter was Meti. The General took Meti on as a student and provided her with additional training and insights in the Sword Arts.

  • “Here is the first rule of Sword Law: a sword is a tool for splitting men. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, whenever you swing it, it will do what it was made for. Take that law and put it in the secret nook next to your heart, my student. It will serve you well.” - Ryo ten Ryam KSBD 3-18
  • “Here is the second rule of sword law: a sword is not subtle. It is a naked instrument, hungry for blood. When you grasp its handle, treat it as you would a deadly viper.” - Ryo ten Ryam KSBD 3-19
  • “The air is full of the plaintive cries of fools struggling pitifully to bend the arc of their own destruction. Thus it has always been.” -Ryo ten Ryam, Swordmaster Wielder of Names 5-101
  • “When studying sword law, many of my students ask me about the principle of hesitation. I tell them plainly that hesitation is defeat. Thought is slower than the edge of a blade and does not cut half as well.

‘Master,’ they then ask me, ‘What if victory is impossible?’

The answer to this very simple question is this: flee, or go to your just and honest death. Either is a good choice. The worst of all is the man who agonizes for half a breath over the value of his own life and dies an indecisive coward.”

– Ryo-ten-Ryam King of Swords 7-66

  • “The touch of a sword handle is the deadliest poison known to man. It settles in, deeper than the bone, instantaneously. It is a deep curse that can never be lifted and will last you the rest of your days.”

– Ryo-ten-Ryam King of Swords 7-68

Ryo ten Ryam As Teacher of Meti Edit

We have it from her own writings that Meti acknowledged Ryo ten Ryam as a teacher who she learned from. Not long after teaching Meti, the General then sought her sexual favors. Meti recounted dispassionately how she relieved Ryo ten Ryam of those parts with which he'd tried to interest her. It is presumed he did not survive this separation. Meti's Sword Manual KSBD 4-77

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