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Sivran statue.png
Debut "Prim Leaves Her Father's House"[1]
Occupation God of Endless Conquest
Classification Deity
Gender Male
Status Inactive[2]

Un-Sivran is the god of endless conquest. He seeks the conquest of all matter and can teach the ways of violence. His quest is eternal and so he is doomed.[3] He is presented as an example of a white deity.[4]

He and Ogam-am told Prim to bury Un-Hansa on their battlefield.[1] He fought The Red Eyed King for eight days before retiring from exhaustion.[5]

His corpse is the headquarters of the Geas Knights, where the Bone Listeners tap quests out of the Skull of Un-Sivran.[6]

UN-Sivran, ( UN-Janta is depicted behind. )


  • Un-Sivran appeared before Allison in a rather impressive scene in the original forum version of Kill Six Billion Demons, which was hosted on the MSPA forums. He has yet to personally appear in the comic form of Kill Six Billion Demons.