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Solomon David
Epithet God Emperor of the Celestial Empire
Grand Master of Ki Rata
Bearer of the word Diamond[1]
Debut KSBD 3:45[2]
Occupation Ruler of 111,111 Worlds
Affiliation The Seven
Classification Demiurge
Domain Celestial Empire
Gender Male
Status Unknown

Solomon David is a demiurge and one of the seven Lords of Infinity, the victors of the Universal War who each control 111,111 worlds, 1/7th of the multiverse. He is the emperor of the Celestial Empire of Rayuba and as the embodiment of the sin of pride, he concerns himself mostly with maintaining his level of perfection and ruling his empire with draconian law.


Solomon David is an extremely muscular and well built black man of large stature, about 7 tall. He has a bald head and a well maintained beard in the style of Babylonian kings. He wears white and purple robes with a red sash tied around his waist with a small side pouch. He notably wears multiple golden rings on his wrists and forearms that likely bear some relation to his status of Grandmaster of Ki Rata.

During the Universal War, he is given conflicting descriptions by different people. In some, he has no facial hair, wields a spear, and has a yellow robe over his lower body. In other characters stories of the war, he had hair on his head, wore armor, and wielded a broken sword.

As a younger man, in the destruction of Rayuba, he wore a long purple cloak, had no facial hair, and had long locs that grayed towards the ends. He also wore wrappings on his forearms.


Solomon David is prideful and self-confident in all respects, whether in his leadership, or in the power he wields, or ultimately in his own personal invincibility. He calls his Celestial Empire the "true successor" to the ancient society of demiurges in Throne, and in his study of Royalty, he even considers himself a rival to Zoss.

Among the Seven, Solomon is uniquely civic-minded, though autocratic. He is said to be just, even-handed, and incredibly brutal. Under his "benevolent" dictatorship, the sprawling Celestial Empire enjoys safety and prosperity, as well as subjugation under Solomon's draconian law code. Nonetheless, his ultimate ambition is to achieve Royalty, which will mean one day leaving his rulership behind.

Solomon has no provisions for a line of succession, partly because he's been disappointed in every potential heir he's met or sired, and partly because he doesn't believe he can be killed.[2]


Solomon demonstrates his ability to protect the heir by effortlessly shattering a table.

As one of the Seven, Solomon David is extremely powerful, capable of fighting some of the most powerful beings in existence. Whereas the bodies of the other demiurges have generally become deformed or atrophied through time or their own doing, Solomon appears to be the healthiest among them, and while the other worlds ruled by the Seven tend to suffer from internal faults in leadership, Solomon's worlds are the most stable; he commands tremendous respect and fear from his subjects.

His additional status as Grand Master of Ki Rata, the deadliest martial art in existence, makes him even more threatening, as he can channel incredible force to every part of his body in order to deliver devastating blows in combat. He is one of two remaining practitioners of the art, having slaughtered his masters after he was finished learning from them, and used it to slay the demiurge Yemmod to retake his homeworld. With just one finger, he can shatter a massive stone table and potentially deal lethal damage to an opponent.

He has sired numerous sons over millennia, none of which have managed to successfully defeat him and claim his kingship in regularly occurring tournaments, called the "Circle of Strength". There is lots of infighting among his sons about the best positions. It has been mentioned that he can control not only his sexual urges (so that he produces a large generation of sons and then waits until they are old, to prevent the worst competition[3]) but also the gender of his issue[4].

On Rayuba, Solomon apparently placed two new suns within its solar system after its original sun was destroyed in the Universal War.


The Universal War[]

Solomon David was born on the world of Rayuba, home of the Monks of the Silent Voice, the masters of Ki Rata.[5] He was a citizen-soldier of the Rayuban home guard, and had a wife, daughters and a sizable homestead.[6]

When the Universal War broke out, the demiurge Yemmod came to Rayuba to claim it as his own.[5] Solomon lost everything precious to him in the slaughter, his family burned to ashes alongside his home. Desperate and on the edge of suicide, he sought out the Monks and asked them to train him in the ways of Ki Rata. As the monks decided not to prevent Rayuba's fall, they thought they'd save at least this one man, and made him their apprentice, reasoning that by the time his training was complete, his desire for revenge would have dissipated.[6]

It took years for Solomon to master Ki Rata - meanwhile Rayuba around him was slowly destroyed. Even the sun was snuffed out by Yemmod's armies. When he became a master of the martial art, he murdered the head monk of the order[6], followed by all of the Monks of the Silent Voice. After this, he killed Yemmod, taking revenge for his destruction of Rayuba, and took his Key.[7]

Along with Jagganoth, Incubus, Gog-Agog, Mammon, Mottom, and Jadis, Solomon David would become one of the victors in the Universal War, earning himself the title "Lord of Infinity". He would then help forge the Pact of the Seven Part World and gained dominion over 111,111 universes.

Kill Six Billion Demons[]

At the concordance of demiurges, Solomon is seen seated with Mottom, Jadis and Gog-Agog, who are the only rulers to arrive in person. When Mottom chastises the representatives of Incubus and Mammon, Solomon politely corrects her, but is instead insulted by Mottom. Mottom mocks him for thinking of himself as some kind of hero.[8]

Seeker of Thrones[]

After the Heist of Yre, 000001 reveals that on Solomon's behest, Zaid was bought from Mammon for a fair price[9] who had received him to guard in the Fortress of Yre, following the previous concordance.

King of Swords[]

Solomon David is seen seated in a palace on Rayuba, surrounded by his councilors (and sons) discussing the recent destruction of the Great Vault of Yre.[10] In the wake of these events, Mottom and Mammon have begun to amass their forces, leading the councilors to advise Solomon about the oncoming war between for the master key. In spite of his councilors' urging to consider choosing his successor should the conflict escalate beyond his control, Solomon remains confident that the situation can easily be resolved with another concordance between the demiurges, and chooses to continue with the tournament of strength.

As he steps outside to admire the construction of a coliseum, his attendants bring him Zaid, who was taken to his world after Solomon bought him from Mammon.[11] Solomon explains his current situation to Zaid as they walk to the coliseum. He is greeted by the workers there, who are loyally working themselves past their limits in his honor.[12] Solomon insists they take a break, then takes up the slack by effortlessly lifting a block of stone ten men together could barely haul. He bids them to return to their families for the day.

Solomon's backstory is relayed by Incubus to Allison, leading into his next appearance. Solomon has left Rayuba and called the second Concordance of the Demiurges.[13]

Solomon is tired of dealing with demiurges

While Nadia Om and Mammon argue, and Nadia blows of Gog's head, Solomon slams his hand down and interrupts them to bring the meeting back to order. As he scolds them for dishonoring what happened at this meeting place, Incubus appears behind him and tells him that Solomon is the only one who pretends that the Universal War is over.[14] As Nadia Om and Jadis insult Incubus, Solomon admits that he is right. He explains that the peace of the demiurges has been broken by Zoss choosing an heir and while the 6 of them attempt to understand his plans, Jagganoth prepares only for war. He also says that Allison has thwarted both Nadia and Mammon already. Nadia Om asks why Solomon should be trusted with Zaid and he uses a Ki Rata attack with his pinky finger to shatter the stone table before them.

Solomon calls the demiurges to order

Solomon ends the meeting by declaring that the Universal War started and ending where they now stand and though they are still enemies, the Pact of the Seven Part World still stands and that, should they be called, they will answer. He pleads that they remember what happened here and to refrain from foolishness, lest the Wheel be sent into ruin.[15]

With the Tournament of Power fully underway, Solomon stands on the arena's balcony and begins the competition by raising his fist and igniting the braziers behind him.[16] Solomon watches Allison when her key is exposed.[17] After the initial rounds of the tournament has passed, Solomon declares that the tournament will be altered and that the next stage is a battle royale, seemingly to test Allison.[18] When Allison publicly challenges him, he turns away and tells his guards to quietly move Zaid to the high security cells.[19] Solomon grows increasingly interested in Allicio and White Chain's fight, as marked by his now full halo.[20]

They never stood a chance

After watching the angels fight, Solomon begins to clap and commend the fighters for their efforts. Among the main group, all were disqualified under terms of the tournament and that he would like to meet them all in person.[21] White Chain rejects the idea that she is too weak to fight and calls out Solomon. Solomon allows her to fight, but that it would be an execution rather than a proper duel.[22] In seeking a fight regardless, Solomon first announces to the combatants that should any others like to keep their claim, they will be entered in a preliminary round where any and all may strike at him. To win, the combatants need only to stay in place and do nothing. [23]

Only 4 of the combatants heed his warning as Solomon unleashes his Total Life Obliteration technique, instantly killing all combatants within frozen time.[24]

Solomon stares at White Chain in the aftermath and sends the party to holding cells for the evening.

The following day, Solomon is escorted by his imperial guard and is given his robes for the duel.[25] He asks if White Chain can fight and tells her that he wishes for an honorable duel. Solomon effortlessly intercepts White Chain's attacks before unleashing Empty Palm Vanquishes the Wicked. He remarks that the martial art is difficult and that White Chain is clearly a master.[26] He intercepts and casually comments further when White Chain uses Leisure Kicks before counter attacking her.[27] When she struggles against Solomon's kick, exclaiming that this tournament is simply to justify his reign, he crushes down on her and states that he is his own justification.[28]


While he thinks the age and its people are chaotic, weak, and lacking purpose, he does not wish to destroy White Chain and tells her that there is no shame in submission. When she refuses, he derides her and tells her to observe the Trigram Mantra, to which she again refuses. When she demands he faces her, even if she can not win, he agrees to.[29] White Chain unleashes a furious attack with Krayu Mat, genuinely impressing Solomon. He flicks the air with so much force that White Chain is knocked backwards.[30] Before she can touch the ground, Solomon attacks her midair and flies into the sky to look at Rayuba. He takes a moment to tell White Chain that he wishes that the world had no need for men like him.[31] As he slams White Chain back into the ground, he tells her that even though she fought well, there is nothing she can do to surprise him. He offers to converse under more civilized circumstances, further attempting to diminish her resolve and prove her weakness against him.[32]

As White Chain strengthens her spirit and refuses to surrender, Solomon is disappointed and hopes she will fare better in her next reincarnation. Solomon uses Ki Rata to move again in frozen time towards her.[33] As Solomon engages her she stands up, greatly exciting Solomon. White Chain and Solomon strike at each other. His fist instantly destroys her armor. In a moment of pure apotheosis, White Chain's spirit strikes at him directly.[34] Solomon is taken aback by the moment, allowing his rings to fall to the ground. He notices a bruise on his cheek.[35] Seeing the result of her transformation and the cheering of the crowds, as well as Gog's ruthless criticism, Solomon decides to stand down and announces White Chain as the victor.[36] Solomon is washed and dressed by his retinue.

As Solomon hears the request of White Chain for her victory, he seems to contemplate her wish. Before he can truly deny her, Jadis appears to warn him. His nerve quickly breaks and he demands to evacuate the city.[37] In the ensuing blast created by Jagganoth's appearance, he stands alongside Jadis and Allison's party against the Red God. He alone stands before Jagganoth.

Breaker of Infinites[]

At the destruction of Rayuba, Solomon enters a powerful rage.[38] He invokes the Pact of the 7 Part World to Yaun and asks if he has anything to say. As Jagganoth speaks to Allison, Solomon stares Jagganoth down.[39] When cutting Jagganoth's conversation off, he asks if he truly has nothing left to say before being sealed until the end of time. In an instant, Jagganoth tells him no while attacking him with his sword, Ruin. Solomon effortlessly flash steps out of the way of the attack. Solomon catches a downwards slash as the battle of the demiurges truly begins.[40] Jagganoth drives his sword into the ground, sending Solomon deep into the earth.[41] Solomon later leaps up from the ground to defend Nadia Om. When Jagganoth knocks him away, he pursues him. When Jagganoth unleashes his Blood Drain Soul Sword, Solomon prepares himself and leaps forward, sustaining the brunt of the attack.[42]

Solomon kicks his ass

When Nadia and Mammon attack Jagganoth, Solomon rushes forward and slams him into the ground and moves in stopped time within stop time to unleash 10,000 blows upon him.[43]As thousands of versions of himself attack Jagganoth, he grasps onto a white and blue binding created by Jadis and forged by Nadia Om and manifests as a white and blue kusarigama.[44] He wraps the binding across Jagganoth, forcing him down onto the ground and hunched over. As Jagganoth forces himself to his feet, the binding is driven into him and Solomon braces himself from the explosion. Solomon stands in the ashes of the aftermath alongside the other demiurges and Aspected Chaos and watches the frozen Jagganoth with disdain as the area is lifted in the air for their fight. As Jaggnoth breaks out of his binding, Solomon is wreathed in purple flame. Solomon dodges dozens of attacks from Jagganoth's war form and commands Gog-Agog to honor the pact and assist them. Together, alongside the others, they battle Jagganoth to an almost standstill.

The power of god and anime

As the battle rages on, Aspected Chaos forms a cubit spear to which the other demiurges also grasp to lend their power. Solomon is the last to lend his strength as the anchor. When Gog threatens to stand in the way, he is shocked by Nadia's outburst.[45] Without the aid of the worm queen, the alliance is defeated in a single fell swoop by Jagganoth's Blood Sated Sword Soul.

In the aftermath, Solomon has fallen before a crowd of his people.[46] As he gets up and trudges forward his people confront him. An old woman slams her fist on his chest, saying that she had spent 25 years in prison for 'moral depravity', for drinking, and that she thought it justified because a god was protecting her, but she now knows Solomon has failed her. More and more Rayubans crowd around Solomon, begging for his help, condemning him, and reacting to his failures. Solomon gathers the total of his strength to strike at Jagganoth, unleashing his forbidden temple art, Slayer of Immortal Souls. He becomes a brilliant purple as, in his rage, he overexerts the furnace of his body to unleash all the power he has within him. He pushes Jagganoth back across the ocean as a wave of explosions from his fists follow him.[47] With a decisive blow, he breaks the barrier between worlds and creates a crack in reality as he continues to assault Jagganoth. He does this multiple times until the two wind up flying over Throne.

Sphere of annihilation

As Solomon unleashes his most powerful attack, he sees a vision of his deceased wife and three daughters, surrounded by fire. His wife calls him pathetic. Solomon unleashes the Palm of the Almighty, 5 Finger 77 Point Strike, creating the Technique of Relief, Transmigration of Immortal Souls, a colossal blackhole-like sphere of energy.[48] It is unclear what the fate of Solomon David is.

3 years later[]

Jadis reveals that Solomon is nowhere to be found 3 years later.[49]


“The Star Emperor is a man of great stature, with an oiled beard and stern countenance. He does not concern himself, as his kin do, with plotting and scheming against each other, but chiefly with the exercise of ruling. His primary concern is justice. His subjects live fairly, peaceably, and one might say even well, if not for the heavy blade of the law constantly grazing the tender skin of their necks.”

-Payapop Pritram, Chronicles of the Seven King of Swords 1-1

“The Celestial sovereign has a great need of many satrapies, vassals, and governors, far more than his (admittedly extensive) bloodline could ever handle on its own. So far out of the province of familial bonds he has turned to the only other bond he seems to find reliable: that of violent bloodshed.”

-Payapop Pritram King of Swords 10-133


  • In the real world, Solomon, son of David is a major historical figure in Judaism, Islam, Bahá'í, and Christianity who is described as having reigned over the Kingdom of Israel and Judah around 1000 BCE.
  • Solomon's color scheme is purple.
  • In Universal Metaconstant, Solomon David's name is rendered as "Suyumum Daifid".



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