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Solomon David
Epithet God Emperor of the Celestial Empire
Grand Master of Ki Rata
Bearer of the word Diamond[1]
Debut KSBD 3:45[2]
Occupation Ruler of 111,111 Worlds
Affiliation The Seven
Classification Demiurge
Domain Celestial Empire
Gender Male
Status Active

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Solomon David is a demiurge and one of the seven Lords of Infinity.


The Universal War[]

Solomon David was born on the world of Rayuba, home of the Monks of the Silent Voice, the masters of Ki Rata.[3] He was a citizen-soldier of the Rayuban home guard, and had a wife, daughters and a sizable homestead.[4]

When the Universal War broke out, the demiurge Yemmod came to Rayuba to claim it as his own.[3] Solomon lost everything precious to him in the slaughter, his family burned to ashes alongside his home. Desperate and on the edge of suicide, he sought out the Monks and asked them to train him in the ways of Ki Rata. As the monks decided not to prevent Rayuba's fall, they thought they'd save at least this one man, and made him their apprentice.[4]

It took years for Solomon to master Ki Rata - meanwhile Rayuba around him was slowly destroyed. Even the sun was snuffed out by Yemmod's armies. When he became a master of the martial art, he murdered the head monk of the order[4], followed by all of the Monks of the Silent Voice. After this, he killed Yemmod, taking revenge for his destruction of Rayuba, and took his Key.[5]

Along with Jagganoth, Incubus, Gog-Agog, Mammon, Mottom, and Jadis, Solomon David would become one of the victors in the Universal War, earning himself the title "Lord of Infinity". He would then help forge the Pact of the Seven Part World and gained dominion over 111,111 universes.

Kill Six Billion Demons[]

At the concordance of demiurges, Solomon is seen seated with Mottom, Jadis and Gog-Agog, who are the only rulers to arrive in person. When Mottom chastises the representatives of Incubus and Mammon, Solomon politely corrects her, but is instead insulted by Mottom. Mottom mocks him for thinking of himself as some kind of hero.[6]

Seeker of Thrones[]

After the Heist of Yre, 000001 reveals that on Solomon's behest, Zaid was bought from Mammon for a fair price[7] who had received him to guard in the Fortress of Yre, following the previous concordance.

King of Swords[]

Solomon David is seen seated in a palace on one of his vassal worlds, surrounded by his councillors (and sons) discussing the recent destruction of the Great Vault of Yre. In the wake of these events, Mottom and Mammon have begun to amass their forces, leading the councillors to advise Solomon about the oncoming war between for the master key. In spite of his councillors' urging to consider choosing his successor should the conflict escalate beyond his control, Solomon remains confident that the situation can easily be resolved with another concordance between the demiurges, and chooses to continue with the tournament of strength.

As he steps outside to admire the construction of a coliseum, his attendants bring him Zaid, who was taken to his world after Solomon bought him from Mammon. Solomon explains his current situation to Zaid as they walk to the coliseum. He is greeted by the workers there, who are loyally working themselves past their limits in his honor. Solomon insists they take a break, then takes up the slack by effortlessly lifting a block of stone ten men together could barely haul.


Solomon demonstrates his ability to protect the heir by effortlessly shattering a table.

As one of the Seven, Solomon David is extremely powerful, capable of fighting some of the most powerful beings in existence. Whereas the bodies of the other demiurges have generally become deformed or atrophied through time or their own doing, Solomon appears to be the healthiest among them, and while the other worlds ruled by the Seven tend to suffer from internal faults in leadership, Solomon's worlds are the most stable; he commands tremendous respect and fear from his subjects. His additional status as Grand Master of Ki Rata, the deadliest martial art in existence, makes him even more threatening, as he can channel incredible force to every part of his body in order to deliver devastating blows in combat. He is one of two remaining practitioners of the art, having slaughtered his masters after he was finished learning from them, and used it to slay the demiurge Yemmod to retake his homeworld. With just one finger, he can shatter a massive stone table and potentially deal lethal damage to an opponent.

He has sired numerous sons over millennia, none of which have managed to successfully defeat him and claim his kingship in regularly occurring tournaments, called the "Circle of Strength". There is lots of infighting among his sons about the best positions. It has been mentioned that he can control not only his sexual urges (so that he produces a large generation of sons and then waits until they are old, to prevent the worst competition[8]) but also the gender of his issue[9].

On Rayuba, Solomon apparently placed two new suns within its solar system after its original sun was destroyed in the Universal War.


Solomon David is prideful and self-confident in all respects, whether in his leadership, or in the power he wields, or ultimately in his own personal invincibility. He calls his Celestial Empire the "true successor" to the ancient society of demiurges in Throne, and in his study of Royalty, he even considers himself a rival to Zoss.

Among the Seven, Solomon is uniquely civic-minded, though autocratic. He is said to be just, even-handed, and incredibly brutal. Under his "benevolent" dictatorship, the sprawling Celestial Empire enjoys safety and prosperity, as well as subjugation under Solomon's draconian law code. Nonetheless, his ultimate ambition is to achieve Royalty, which will mean one day leaving his rulership behind.

Solomon currently has no provisions for a line of succession, partly because he's been disappointed in every potential heir he's met or sired, and partly because he doesn't believe he can be killed.


“The Star Emperor is a man of great stature, with an oiled beard and stern countenance. He does not concern himself, as his kin do, with plotting and scheming against each other, but chiefly with the exercise of ruling. His primary concern is justice. His subjects live fairly, peaceably, and one might say even well, if not for the heavy blade of the law constantly grazing the tender skin of their necks.”

-Payapop Pritram, Chronicles of the Seven King of Swords 1-1

“The Celestial sovereign has a great need of many satrapies, vassals, and governors, far more than his (admittedly extensive) bloodline could ever handle on its own. So far out of the province of familial bonds he has turned to the only other bond he seems to find reliable: that of violent bloodshed.”

-Payapop Pritram King of Swords 10-133


  • In the real world, Solomon, son of David is a major historical figure in Judaism, Islam, Bahá'í, and Christianity who is described as having reigned over the Kingdom of Israel and Judah around 1000 BCE.
  • Solomon's color scheme is purple.
  • In Universal Metaconstant, Solomon David's name is rendered as "Suyumum Daifid".

    Solomon David during The Universal War