And YISUN came forth from the plum garden and spoke a Word called Royalty, and that word had seven parts, and each part shone equally with the brilliance of Law and the ripeness of Chaos, and the heat was unbearable to all those that were there. No man could stand before it, and no god either, and all the beasts of sky, sea, and star, and all the crawling things of the earth, and all the hungering potentates; all the argent saints and hell-forged heroes were bent to the dust by it’s enormous blast. For the Heat of the Word was the Heat of YISUN’s Voice, and it was fed by the Flame Immortal.

-Spasms Wielder of Names 3-54

Spasms 8

YISUN was questioned once by their disciples at their speaking house. The questions were the following:

'What is the ultimate reason for existence?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Self-deception.'

'How can a man live in perfect harmony?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Non-existence.'

'What is the ultimate result of all action?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Futility.'

'How best can we serve your will?'

To which YISUN replied, 'Kindly ignore my first three answers.'[1]

Spasms 30

Main article: "Prim and the Mendicant Knight"

Spasms 31:12

YISUN on the Conquering King

A Conquering King must come with violence in his self of selves. He must splay the guts of his enemy with no weapon but his heartstrings. His lips must spit sweet music that pulverizes his enemies, and his eyes must tell a brain-cleaving tale of loveliness. He must quench the sword of his tongue in the love of his enemies.[2]


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