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Cio begins the Night Curse.

Prior to an malicious undertaking, or embarking upon a criminal enterprise, devils may be heard to utter "The Night Curse". 

Those uttering the oath are committing to undertake the risky venture at hand.  

Along with saying "Aye" the oath taker covers their left eye with the left hand, and with their right hand raises a forefinger towards the heavens where the curse is directed.

Devils do this because they respect YIS and the Beast Headed God enough that they hope that they will not witness their thievery.[1]


"Now that our company is gathered, let us begin. 

Our target is Yre, the unbreachable fortress. The take is ten percent.

If any knave oppose our wicked will, let him run now. 

Let all the vile and supperating venoms of the Night spit in the eye of God and blind Her to our evil." 

( The company of thieves say "Aye" ) 

"Our will is sealed."

- Cio, before entering the Fortress of Yre.     Seeker of Thrones 6-60

Commentary Edit

“The devils utter the Night Curse with nary a breath of trepidation. They are wary and suspicious creatures, and superstition suits them. Each of them has separately come to the conclusion that when looked at the right way, any living being can easily be thought of as meat.”

– Gen, Ghost Market Trader


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