The Red Eyed King is the alias for a tremendously powerful demon who was imprisoned in the time when the Gods were active in the Universe. This demon was such a threat to the cosmos, the benevolent deities captured and imprisoned him in the Crucible of Punishment, locking him away securely ( they thought ) for all time.

Unfortunately for the Cosmos, the Red Eyed King was identified as a possible match for the chaotic goddess Aesma, by a careless minor god of Justice. Aesma was then on a hunt for a husband and her efforts to win this world destroying demon's affection are recounted in the story: "Aesma and the Red Eyed King".

Wielder of Names 5-89 5-90, 5-91, 5-93, 5-94

  • What The Red Eyed King's personal name is ( or whether he has one ) was not revealed in the story.
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