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The Third Conquest, as prophesied by Jadis, is an event that will be ignited by The Successor that involves when "he" kills The Seven.[1]


“It is unfortunate that the only near-complete and exquisitely detailed chronicle of the Rising King was so elaborately embellished [21].

[21] I use the word embellished here with both a great deal of care and an extreme and calculated distaste.”

Pangoxes, Meta-historian of the Retroactive Record Monks, Circa 35 Third Conquest

- Seeker of Thrones 1-7

  • “And all together, upon the dim dawn of the battlefield, the thin pearlescence of the bloody horizon washing over us – there we heard the clarion. Descending was the armies of the rising king, and behind her a thousand thousand banners. Upon the banners was writ the word YSUN.” -Unknown, post third conquest KSBD Breaker of Infinities 2-65 - 2-67