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For there is no form or substance that does not have its roots in the TOWER, which is under assault from the EGO, that terrible enemy called I. - YISUN[1]

Throne, the Red City, is the Kingdom of God. It is the center of the omniverse, the Tower within the Wheel.[2]

Throne is the first location Allison ever visited outside of her own universe and is the current main location of the KSBD story-line.

It is home to a great variety of species and competing organizations known as Guilds. The Guilds are world-spanning criminal syndicates that rule Throne in the stead of The Seven, who have little interest in doing so.[3]

Throne is lit by a single sun, created by Koss,[3] that no longer moves because it is broken.[4] This divides the city into the 'sunside' and 'shadeside' regions.[5] It once had a moon, which was lost to some similar misfortune.[6]

The god-corpses that make up the buildings are slowly being eaten as soup,[7] causing concern for the Angels.[8]

Throne has a population of 800 million souls.[3]

A map of Throne can be seen here. Throne is incredibly large. The map is a little off scale. Throne might be about the size of southern California.[9] Assuming this, Throne's population density would be about 5466 people per square kilometer (or 14158 people per square mile).

Map of Throne


Throne is a location created by the 777,777 Gods after their birth from YIS and UN. They ruled and warred in Throne for eons.[10]

When they got tired of infinity they forged the 4 orders of inheritors and committed suicide (or simply 'left'), an act which created the 777,777 universes. Their corpses cover the main 'landmasses' in Throne and form many of the buildings.[10]

After a long period of chaos the Ruling King (presumed to originated from one of the 777,777 universes) rediscovered Throne.[11] He conquered it[12] and with the demiurges who soon followed, rebuilt many of the great works of the gods.[13] They also built seven other cities in orbit of Throne, each housing hundreds of thousands.[6]

The demiurges, power-hungry, eventually came to war with each other,[14] out of which The Seven emerged as victors. They still rule until this day.[15] Over the course of the war, the sun broke, and the orbiting cities and the moon were lost.[6]


A view of Throne

Districts are divided into the Red City proper, Hubside, Inner Rim, and Rimside.[16]

Destroyed Locations[]