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Thunder Cleaves Stone
Debut "Prim Leaves Her Father's House"[1]
Occupation Chief of Akaroth's Lords
Affiliation House Akaroth
Gender Male
Status Inactive

Thunder Cleaves Stone was the chief of Akaroth's archons. When Hansa was killed, he spearheaded the assault on the house of iron nails and catalyzed a series of events which would lead Prim to her freedom.


Main article: "Prim Leaves Her Father's House"

When Hansa committed a grave offense during a feast of House Akaroth, he was slain by Akaroth himself in a drunken rage. Akaroth was greatly troubled by this act, but his archons were less merciful.

The lords snatched up Hansa's body and rode the void to the house of iron nails. Chief among them was Thunder Cleaves Stone, who tore apart the house and killed its servants. There they assaulted Prim and mocked her, setting fire and lightning upon the land.

When Akaroth heard this news, all the archons, including Thunder Cleaves Stone, were tied to a great flensing tree which spanned the seven corners of the multiverse and were flayed with lightning.[1]

Later, when Aesma challenged the Master of space-time, she would grow to such a height that she stirred the archons on their tree.[2]