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Tom Parkinson-Morgan
Aliases Orbitaldropkick (ODK)
Occupation Writer, artist

Abbadon a.k.a. Tom Parkinson-Morgan is the author and illustrator of the webcomic and graphic novel Kill Six Billion Demons. For a few years he preferred to remain pseudoanonymous, only publicly revealing that his name was Tom[1] and that he was then living in Japan for work-related reasons.[2][3]

With the publication of the print edition of Kill Six Billion Demons by Image Comics the name of Tom Parkinson-Morgan was revealed and credited as the creator of the graphic novel.

At present, Abbadon is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Additional Works

Broken Worlds: The Kill Six Billion Demons RPG. Created by Tom Parkinson-Morgan with Josh Raveling, Sam Chabot, and Vincent Baker. * Information on the Broken Worlds RPG may be found on Abbadon's Patreon page.

The Lancer RPG : A new Mech combat RPG currently funded through Kickstarter. Co-Created by Tom Parkinson-Morgan and Miguel Lopez.


  • Is a popular user on the League of Legends forum whose artwork ultimately inspired a playable character, Braum.[4]
  • The Hebrew word abaddon can be translated to mean "destruction". In mainstream Judaism abaddon signifies a place of extreme suffering, while in the Book of Revelation it is used as the name of an angel of destruction.
  • A running joke is that Abbadon is actually a cat, which is why updates for the comic are sporadic.

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  • Website for Kill Six Billion Demons webcomic.


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