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One of the many bloody battles during The Universal War

The Universal War is a large-scale conflict which led to the destruction of innumerable worlds, people, and cultures. Details about the War are still unclear; however most scholars believe it started as a result of excessive corruption among the demiurges following the Second Conquest and the development of the Magus Gates. Indeed, after the opening of Throne to the other worlds, many people seized power to become Demiurges, but they were Demiurges of a lesser power and mental purity[1]. During the War, only seven demiurges are thought to have survived. The angels suffered severe casualties, leading to a massive cultural schism which still exists in the present day. Furthermore, the War was critical for the establishment of the Seven, a small coalition of demiurges who rose to power following the Pact of the Seven Part World.

  • "After a Thousand Years of War, we Seven sorry souls left to lord it over Creation - achieved a balance of sorts. Tenuous though it was, each of us was able to squash any other. So there has been peace." - Imperiatrix Nadia Om Wielder of Names 4-75
  • If Nadia Om is to be believed, the Universal War continued for a Thousand years until the multitudes of Demiurges were reduced to the surviving Seven. Zoss abandoned his role and rule over Throne, yet he was still alive and about somewhere in the Multiverse.


Organized combatants

Independent combatants


"Having cut God's work the Demiurges began to open all the Multiverse. The Second Conquest was long and brutal. One by one they left Throne to rule their own worlds. And for a time, there was prosperity. But with wealth came indulgence and want. From want, grew hunger. For flesh, wealth, and power. Heaven became too crowded for the new pantheon. At first, they pretended their war was civilized. But then their singular hunger for dominion consumed them. And they went mad. Worlds BURNED Allison. THEY BURNED." - 82 White Chain describing the Universal War. KSBD 3-47

“Beware thou crawling thing! When the gods clash the sky is red with their lightnings. The hosts of Khamun-re and Astet come forth to do battle, and they smite each other with stars. Turn thou thy face backwards against their black heat, or thou wilt taste death.”

– Ritual warning of the priests of The Azure Palace Seeker of Thrones 9-120

“The temples were burst open and all that could not be concealed was defiled, until flesh became more valuable than gold. Men swarmed over the city like locusts, eating shoes, grass, carrion, dung. Strength became the only currency.”

– Account from the Yellow City, circa the Universal War King of Swords 6-52