aka M.

  • I live in Los
  • My occupation is Ministry of Information
  • I am A fan of science-fantasy fusion such as KSBD !
Fascinated by myths, stories, legends. Science fiction and fantasy ? Oh my yes. Currently working in a "Ministry of Information" like the one pictured in "Brazil"... in the education sector. Storyteller. Printmaker. Scribe. Aspirant. Cisgender fella. Ally. He or Xe. Greetings Comrades !

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Yis-Voya - I'm touched by the vulnerability of a goddess who's birds in love with stories.
  • KSBD 2-21 - Delighted with this view of the gods of Throne. Allison's first real expansive view of the Red City.
  • Prim - Fond of Prim's stores and would like to see some more art of her in badass mode.
  • Het : Another goddess who's fantastic, and yet who starts out quite humble and insecure.
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