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Debut KSBD 1:8[1]
Classification Deity
Domain Birds
Gender Female
Status Unknown

Her introduction, removed from the comic.

Don't call it a comeBAWK, she's been BIRDS for years.

Ys-Voya refers to two possible entities, a goddess who thinks she is a flock of birds, or a collection of birds that thinks it is a goddess.[2][3][4] As such, Voya's manner of speaking (through the birds on/of her head) tends to be confused and she has trouble remembering details.[1][5][2][6] She may have once been sane.[4] Unintelligible in person, she is subtitled at all times.[7]

Voya is notable for breaking the fourth wall and fulfills the same role as the chorus in classical Greek theatre. She typically engages the reader when she appears, requesting ideas on how the story should develop. Her visage decorates most (if not all) "submit" buttons.


Ys-Voya was born of YIS and UN with the rest of the Multiplicity.[8]

When Prim walked for many days along the road of the Ruling King, Voya was present at YISUN's speaking house and suggested that she "Make [Hansa's] body into birds, small birds, so they may pass easily through holes in the universe."[9]

All of the Multiplicity are absent from the Multiverse as they self-annihilated by Division in the forging of the Wheel.[10] Her universe is full of birds.[11]

Unlike animals,[12] her birds can exist in the Void.[13] Through them, Ys-Voya can observe current events. She does this because Ys-Voya does not exist. There are only birds.[14] It is not wrong at all that Ys-Voya's divine corpse was consumed by birds, every bird.[15] Ys-Voya's corpse is not in Throne. In fact, nobody has ever seen or identified Ys-Voya's corpse. It is possible, given the profusion of the gods and the advanced decay of their bodies, that she simply has not been found yet. Or something more wondrous (or nefarious) is at play.[16]


All divinity is dead in KSBD. Originally, instead of a universe, Ys-Voya would have created a flock of birds with her memories, and those birds would have served as a black counterpart/rival to Metatron 1. As that would have created a miscount of universes of the Wheel, instead the birds from that universe just became sentient (and impersonate her outside of the fourth wall, which has no known implications for the comic).[17]