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War of the Teacups

The "War of the Teacups" was a battle which erupted between the palace troops of Nadia Om , "The Pursuers" and two angels who joined the fray after it started. 

  • Allison was being chased by the palace troops because she'd slapped Nadia Om and immolated the Hastet Om tree which was the source of Nadia's immortality.  Allison then fled and raced into a large hall. Wielder of Names 5-99
  • Allison was tracked to the Palace of Nadia Om by the diverse band of Guild Mercenaries and other Adventurers known as "The Pursuers".  These mercenaries hoped to capture Allison or to take her Key of Kings , either for themselves or to auction off to the highest bidder. Mathangi Ten Meti was the first to greet Allison in the hall.  Wielder of Names 5-99
  • Moments later, the Pursuers arrived and the battle began between palace troops and the mercenaries, and mercs vs mercs.  
  • Wielder of Names 6-103
  • Last to arrive in the hall were two angels.  6 Juggernaut Star Scours the Universe , and 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil raced into the hall.  Earlier, Juggernaut Star had threatened to eviscerate Allison unless White Chain could get to her first. 
  • Though Mathangi had been tracking Allison and traveling with the Pursuers, she does not appear to share their motivation of capturing Allison.  Instead, Mathangi moved to defend Allison and struck down Juggernaut Star