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Also Known As Multiverse
Ruler(s) Zoss (formerly)
The Seven
Language Universal Metaconstant

The Wheel is a collection of 777,777 universes that make up the world of Kill Six Billion Demons.[1] Its name is derived from the story-lines of the 777,777 universes, forming spokes branching off of Throne.[2]


Wielder of Names 3-40


Long ago, before the Wheel, there was only Throne and a place known as the Void.[3] When the gods decided to create the wheel, they were self-annihilated,[4] but their creations lived on with the purpose of building, perceiving, and populating the world.[2] From these beings a beautiful lineage was formed and the Wheel came into existence. Together it would hold 777,777 universes, with the red city of Throne at its center.[1]

Later, when the Universal Conquest took place, the demiurges would begin to conquer the Wheel under the pretense of bringing civilization.[5] But this expansion was halted by the Universal War, an event which destroyed countless worlds.[5] By the end of the war the Wheel was divided equally among seven victors. These Lords of Infinity would gain dominion over 111,111 universes, their power backed by legendary weapons called the Magus Gates.[6]



Main article: Throne

The red city of Throne rests at the center of the Wheel. It is effectively a gigantic mausoleum, as the petrified corpses of the gods and their angelic attendants litter the environment.[2] Throne is overrun by criminals; most, if not all, of the various god corpses act as dens for various gangs while the bodies of the prime angels are highly sought after for use in warfare or general transportation.[7][8]

The Void[]

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Though technically not part of the Wheel, the multiverse can be roughly divided into two parts, a black side and a white. The "black" side encompasses the physical realm, or the Wheel. Meanwhile the "white" side, or the Void, is insubstantial and contains non-corporeal beings such as angels and devils.[9]

Road of the Ruling King[]

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The road of the Ruling King is mentioned in "Prim Leaves Her Father's House" and is said to wind seven times through the Void and the Wheel.[3] The road leads to Throne, but getting otherwise unavailable goods through the King's Road is a risky business.[10]



  • In philosophy, the concept of a possible world is often used to distinguish between what is and what is possible in a world different from our own. The comic takes this concept quite literally, since there are 330,452 Earths according to 82 White Chain.[1]


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