The White-Eyed Woman is described as "the heart of all devil kind" by Cio.   
White-Eyed Woman

The White-Eyed Woman.

Located at the Rim of the Red City ​, past Ashton , in the Shades district, a modest ramshackle three story building conceals an entrance to an underground lair filled with all manner of devils.  Cio and Allison took the elevator and descended the shaft in order to address the Heretics' Court, and to gain access to the King of devils.  

  • Entry to the White-Eyed woman is guarded by Mogrin and her companion. 
  • Cio mentions that in her earlier incarnation she had a hand in helping to build this hidden lair. 
  • The White-Eyed Woman is listed as a "pleasure house". All business with the Devil Guilds and Heretic's Court is conducted here." Seeker of Thrones 5-43 
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