Inside The Vault

Ynamon is the name of the Great Fractal Vault of Yre.[1]

It is the treasure vault of Mammon and one must cross the many hazards of the Fortress of Yre and journey deep into the fortress to enter the landscape of Ynamon.

Descriptions of the Place Edit

Cio described the Fortress of Yre as "...fractal, there's infinite space inside."][2] Cio's description presumably applies also to the Great Vault.

Daring adventurers must find and enter "The Labyrinth", a space without space, and an Infinite Maze...[3] which is hidden with in the Fractal Fortress of Yre. Only after crossing the Labyrinth might one find the door which opens to passages leading to the Great Vault.


The entrance to Ynamon

The landscape of Ynamon is apparently infinite, but within the perceivable lands, one can see endless heaps of gold, flowering plants, flowing waters, and towns where Priests of the Count and their descendants live. Massive pillars rise to unknown heights.[4]


Fields of gold

Mammon himself can be regularly seen crossing the fields of gold as he leads a procession of his Priests of the Count on an endless quest to count the entire horde.

Commentary Edit

“The God of the Deep has a heart like a great leaden weight. It drags him so low to the ground that the furrows of his passing become canyons. His servants are ten thousand and their faces will never gaze up on the sun. She Who Lights Up the Sky does not bless them. They are small and crawl around their God, and they make offerings at his feet and unto his graven image and the bones of his fathers. Their singing is said to be beautiful. They live upon their own fire and venerate the sorrows of their god. They guard the secret ways into the halls of YNAMON, called YRE by the uninitiated and lacerate their own flesh and fill the passages with their wailing.

Trespassers past the threshold of the holy land are punished with fire and blade.”

– Pre Narim Yiprik, Chronicle of the Seven Seeker of Thrones 10-124

History Edit

Soon after Allison and Cio broke into Ynamon, Mottom also crashed into it with her Palace of Radiance.[5]

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