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His ledgers span oceans.

The Fractal Treasure Fortress of Yre[1] is the priest court of Mammon,[2] and the headquarters of the Bank of the Grand Dragon.

Mammon rarely leaves it.[1]

Mammon had Zaid imprisoned in the treasure fortress of Yre by very tenuous agreement after the last Concordance of the Demiurges.[3]

It contains the fractal vault, an impenetrable treasure hoard that the devil syndicate under Himself wants to get into. This may be useful to certain heroines.[4]

It is guarded by the Priests of the Count.[5]

The Fractal Vault's name is Ynamon[6]


  • "Mammon's interior designer was the infamous warlock Gari Gy'Gax." - Concordance Commentary from Seeker of Thrones 6-64 * This is an homage to the co-designer of the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, Gary Gygax.
  • “It is said in some circles that the among his hoard the Grand Dragon scattered nightmarish beasts that, much like the trap-door spider, could conceal themselves while they wait patiently for prey. These creatures, however, are rumored to have the devilish power to conceal themselves as furniture, or puddles of water, or even men. They are said to have only one weakness – they are vastly stupid, and left alone are incapable of distinguishing others of their kin from enemies or prey. They have little imagination and will simply copy the form of the nearest object.

Imagine, then, if you will, a little thought experiment – a room of only these things, hundreds of them, duplicating each other’s form in idiot redundancy. The thought is, of course, quite ridiculous and chilling in equal measure. I prefer to believe their existence is confined to rumor alone.”

-Pree Parzy de Peroxes, S.C. 260, The Magnificent Beast

  • Not even the dragon knows how the Prison of Air was built, and it's final architect was burned alive in molten gold. - Commentary from Abbadon. Seeker of Thrones 8-87
  • “The inner sanctum of Yre is said to be a fragrant temple, encircling the vault, where Mammon has kept the elders of his slaughtered clan entombed and preserved for hundreds of years. The purpose of such sentimentality is unknown to any but the low numbered priests of the Count, who do not venture from Yre and do not see the sun their entire lives. It is the bane of any historian, to be certain.”

-Payapop Pritram Seeker of Thrones 9-101